Call Our Helpline: 860-482-0672  |  We do not perform or refer for either abortions or contraceptives.

About Two Hearts

Two Hearts Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) was established by a group of Christian men and women from throughout the northwest corner of Connecticut who saw the need for an entity that would offer support to young women and men involved in crisis pregnancies. Here, volunteers make the difference. Two Hearts PCC is staffed and supported primarily by volunteers who give generously of their time and talents.

We are committed to empowering individuals, through education, comfort and assistance, to make life choices related to their sexuality and childbearing, consistent with Catholic teachings concerning the sanctity of human life.

Our Mission Guidelines


The first priority of Two Hearts is to assist the mother as she faces/deals with pregnancy.

Clients receive accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, lifestyle issues, and related concerns.

Two Hearts will provide support needed for the mother to bring her child to term and will offer assistance to age two.

The love of Jesus and our Blessed Mother Mary will be shown to all who come to Two Hearts, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, age or marital status.

      Two Hearts will never provide or refer for an abortion or an abortifacient.

      Two Hearts will not engage in referring or advising for contraception or contraception services.

      Two Hearts will offer services to all who come free of charge at all times.

      Two Hearts will seek to share the truths of the value of human life by deeds as well as words.

      Two Hearts will serve clients who reside in the northwest corner of Connecticut.